Apartments Complex JAT

Type of service: bed and breakfast, demi-pension, and pension.

With all the major features within easy reach, Apartment Complex JAT are at the centre of the tourist resort, located 1,780 meters above sea level. Immediately above the complex is the Wing hotel Club and below it the Genex Konaci complex. The closest ski lifts, Pancicev vrh and Malo Lake, are just 80 meters hotel. A bank office, shop, ski service, and dispensary are available to hotel guests.

The hotel is built in a traditional alpine style and has 136 suites. All suites are furnished with kitchenettes, including refrigerator, kitchenware, bathroom [TWC], telephone and colour TV with a large number of domestic and satellite channels. Prices are in euro].  

Accommodation is on daily base per apartment [suite]. Half board is 10† per person daily, full board is 14 euros per person daily, and children until age of 10 have 50% discount. In case of market disorder JAT apartments Kopaonik keep the right for price corrections.

Restaurant "Boeing" on Kopaonik is located in the JAT's apartment in the middle of the tourist center and has a capacity of 130 seats. It is one in a serie of national Slavia hotel restaurants, with this brand’s name.

We managed to extract from many similar restaurants especially by the quality of ethnic food and live music. Here, the food is made with a lot of knowledge, love and imagination.

We are also known at Kopaonik, by very favorable prices, affordable to all. We are sure that You will cheer and strengthen Your stay in our restaurant.

Information about the capacity: 
Hotel was built in the mountain style and has 134 apartments of different structures for 1 to 6 persons. All apartments are equipped with mini-kitchen with refrigerator, all the necessary utensils and kitchen accessories, bathroom (TVC), a phone and TV with 9 digital and 5 analog programs.

Hotel guests have at their disposal a restaurant, shop, "games for children", ski-service, salon for a massage. Free Wireless Internet is available all around the hotel. We made the first Web camera at Kopaonik.

App. Complex JAT, Mountain Kopaonik are located in the center of the main contents of this tourist center at the altitude of 1780 m. Directly above the object is the Hotel Club A -Putnik under Konaci Genex. The nearest ski lifts, "Pančićev top" and "little lake" are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.  

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- Prices are in dinars.
- Tourist tax (100.00 CSD) and insurance (20.00 dinars) are not included in the price.
* Children under 7 years of age pay only insurance in the amount of (20.00 din.) Per day and per a person.
* Children from 7 to 15 years pay tax in the amount of (50.00 din.) And insurance (20.00 din.) Per day and per a person.
- Accommodation is based on the daily lease the apartment,
- Extra charge for half board is 1000.00 din. per person per day,
- Extra charge for board is 1400.00 din. per person per day,
- Children up to 10 years pay 50% of extra pay for the PA and PP.

Kopaonik Booking Info Center  
36350 Kopaonik 
Republic Serbia 
+381 (64) 9874264 
+381 (64) 9874232

Hotel Map


Kopaonik Booking Center
36350 Kopaonik 
Republic Serbia 
+381 (64) 9874264 
+381 (64) 9874232

Arrangement Kopaonik

Because of very good climate, numbers of sunny days per year, geomorphological heterogenuos, Kopaonik is well–convenient for tourism development. Kopaonik extends to visitors-nature’s admires, joy and lovely adventures ....

There is a nice tourist center with systems of ski-lifts and ski-area for alps and nirdic skiing.


Summer offering:

Hiking tours - visiting the most attractive destinations on NP Kopaonik, with a guide. Every day there isa visiting of specific areas and it is possible to arrange one-day excursion and gathering season forest fruits and healing plants (detail informations in Administration building Booking Center Kopaonik, tel.: +381 (64) 9874264.

The excursion are taken places in the sites like Metođe, Kadijevac, Đorov most, where visitors can have active and pasive rest. On this mountin you can enjoy in summer and winter offering.

Monastery tours – visiting of medieval monasteries and sancturies in Kopaonik surrounding: Studenica, Sopoćani, Đurđevi stupovi, Gradac... (detail informations in Genex–Group administration, Booking Center Kopaonik, tel. +381 (64) 9874264.

Vine’s tour - visiting Župe Aleksandrovačke well-known for quality vine and brandy (information Booking Center Kopaonik +381 (64) 9874264.

Rafting Ibar - with visiting of medieval town Magliča

Paraglading school - training with parashoote wing.

Mountaineering - Pančićev vrh, vrh Šiljak, Kozje stene, Markova stena... mountain steps lead through beautiful coniferous and deciduous forests, mountain meadows and fields...

Riding school - riding horses with instructors through the beautiful Kopaonik’s region. School in nature-low-grade children’s stay, meeting with Kopaonik’s nature, meeting with animals and plants, with ecology...

Winter offering:
- Skiing-with beautiful ski traces for beginers and profesionals...
- Ski-surf and Paraglading-combinations of parashooting and skiing...
- Winter’s nights-chage Kopaonik into mountain of fun and entertaiment...

The Info center of Booking Center Kopaonik

The information center is the point of departure of all science,cultural and tourist happenings in NP. In Kopaonik there is a gude service for presentation and popularization NP Kopaonik which gives prezentations outside and in a building, with video projections, movies about Kopaonik and ecology. Information center has its own congres hall for gatherings, presentations, meetings and other activities in protection of nature.

In Information center building you can buy differents things in a way to meet and keep the nature and Booking Center Kopaonik-prospects, cards, mountain-tourist card, books, video, DVD....

How to reach Klopaonik

You can reach Kopaonik in couple ways:
- From Belgrade on high-way Beograd-Niš by Brusa or Jošanička Banja
- From Belgrade main-road Ibar by Jošanička Banja or by Raška i Rudnica. With bus or a car.

What to visit?

You must learn the card of the area you past by. In this area you will found many tourist places, spas, medieval towns, churches and monasteries. You may stop in some of them. Sopoćani, Studenica, Žiča, Maglič, Vrnjačka i Mataruška banja, are worth of your attention...

Pictursque sites adorned with vineyards, orchards, flower meadowsand old forests will lead you all the way and give you strong impression that will lead you to come over and over again.


Booking Center Kopaonik
tel: +381 (64) 9874264
tel: +381 (64) 9874232

If you come to Kopaonik you will make sure that the winter, HERE, is always realy pleased!
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